Rapid Manufacturing of Plastic Prototype Parts

In situations where you need to confirm the functionality of your product, show investors what your product will look like, or move forward on a more extensive project involving original parts, StepOne can help you design and make the part you need without delay, thereby helping you meet the demand of leading sectors for increasingly efficient products.

StepOne has the capacity to deliver short-run parts within 1 to 5 weeks, depending on the complexity of the parts.

StepOne delivers quality plastic prototypes quickly and consistently, and can help you meet the challenge of producing parts from 1cc to 4000cc (about 4 kg) in size. The products fulfill their functions because they were designed to be real. Both small and large parts are produced with the same level of care by StepOne specialists using the most appropriate prototype machining technologies.

Thanks to StepOne rapid manufacturing, a large selection of materials means that industrial, medical, electronics, electrical, and transportation designers can obtain their new plastic prototype parts quickly and simply. Knowledge of the various engineering resins is indispensable to the operation of technical parts, and StepOne gives you access to that knowledge.

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