StepOne manufactures prototypes using thermoplastic-injection molding techniques

Whether you are from the medical, IT, electrical, optical, automotive or some other sector, we can turn your ideas into reality. The first step is to flesh out the part, and that’s where StepOne comes into play.

If you need a small volume but don’t want the expense of the molds and equipment, the part you need is now within reach.

Creating precision thermoplastic-injection molded prototypes to confirm performance has never been simpler. With StepOne, injection molded prototypes are the real thing. You’ll have a choice of the largest number materials in the industry, which means your project will take shape quickly. To avoid future problems, your injection molding prototype will be made in the same material as the final product, so the tests you run on it will be conclusive.

Your thermoplastic-injection prototypes are actually the real thing. A team of experts is involved from start to finish. From designing the model to making your prototype. The StepOne team applies its expertise to deliver the best results in a timely manner.


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