Development Support for Molded Prototype Parts

StepOne’s objective is to provide clients with a molded prototype part that is comparable with the final part. A broad range of thermoplastic molded prototypes is available, which means you can select the material of the final part for the prototype. And with StepOne’s considerable expertise in mold manufacturing and precision injection molding you can be sure that your prototype will be truer still.

In addition to using leading edge equipment, StepOne designates an engineer as project lead along with a mold design technician (using CATIA software) for each project. These professionals have the expertise needed to come up with the best possible solutions.

Part Design Support

Designing molded plastic prototype parts is part of a regular day for StepOne specialists. Transmitting their knowledge and helping clients with designing their molded prototype parts is a priority. Confirming the feasibility of the molding in the design phase is an essential step in the process. Problems are easily resolved at this stage. The engineer and mold design technician assigned to your project become real partners. Depending on how you intend to use your molded prototype, they suggest the best possible materials for manufacturing your product.

A mold filling analysis (FEA with Moldflow) is also available, enabling you to predict the position of weld lines, warpage and general part quality.


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