The world’s most advanced sensor for hockey sticks.

This product is a sensor that attaches to your hockey stick, allowing you to measure different aspects of your performance. With the Powershot, you can measure the acceleration and speed of your stick, the duration and angle of movement, and the speed of your stick’s rotation. The Powershot also estimates the speed of the puck in game situations, without radar.

units produced

StepONE delivered, in 20 days, 100 sets of 4 injection molded prototypes parts. 1575 additional sets were later produced.

> Development

The customer wanted to test and validate assemblly methods (potting, bonding) and prove the mechanical resistance and long term durability of it’s product. They chose StepONE to help them in selecting the appropriate materials and to be able to get prototypes as close as possible to the final parts, prior to invest in molds or tooling.

> Prototypes

1 housing in Nylon 6/6, 2 suspension rings in Acetal, and 1 cap made of Translucent Polycarbonate. Surface finish as machined (high speed CNC) and light sanblast texture. Undercut details on all parts.

> Added Value

With StepONE’s prototypes, the customer was able to: Validate the assembly methods (potting. bonding). Prove mechanical resistance and durability in real conditions. Send final and functional products to it’s distribution network. Meet his time to market and start shipping products.