LED Luminaire

The most efficient engine on the eternal road of life. This luminaire was designed to address a fundamental need in the lighting industry for affordable, high-performance, energy efficient, and long lasting large-area LED lighting that is at once as good for the environment as it is for a project's bottom line.

of units produced

StepONE delivered ,in 25 days, 200 of injection molded prototype lenses. Several thousands of additional prototype parts were ordered for time to market.

> Development

Prior to invest in costly production molds, the customer was seeking for a way to compare and validate the photometry performance simulation from it’s software if the lenses were to be injection-molded. StepONE was able to provide the customer with real injection-molded prototypes with optical surface finish.

> Prototypes

Lenses (collimating lenses). Injection-molded with PMMA (Acrylic) . Optical Surface finish (diamond buff).

> Added Value

With StepONE’s prototypes, the customer was able to: Compare and validate photometry performance. Try different PMMA grades for optimal results. Pilot run his products. Meet his time to market and start shipping products.