Advanced Personal Thermoregulation System

This cutting-edge product consists in a personal thermoregulation vest to be worn under personal protective equipment (PPE) in microclimate. With the innovative combination of a convection element and a conduction element for cooling or heating, this system enhances the natural thermoregulation of the body by evacuating perspiration and keeping the skin dry. This patented product is exposed at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa.

units produced

In less than 25 days, StepONE was able to deliver 150 sets of injection-molded prototypes (Top & Bottom Cases) in HDPE. The customer later re-ordered 50 additionnal sets to start marketing his product.

> Development

The customer wanted to test both mechanical resistance and fit & function. StepONE proposed to it’s design & engineering team it’s solution and provided them with molded prototypes in the real material without the need to invest in molds or tooling.

> Prototypes

One Top Case and one Bottom Case. Injection molded with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Surface finish as machined (High speed CNC)

> Added Value

With StepONE’s prototypes, the customer was able to: Perform fit & function and assembly. Prove the design and mechanical resistance in real conditions. Was able to pilot run and start marketing his product.