About Us

StepOne: a leading edge molding service


Serge Gagné acquires Canada Steel Molds, a mold manufacturing company and division of American Biltrite. Les Industries GLP is formed as a subcontractor specializing in mold design and fabrication.


To expand its service offerings, the company acquires its first two injection presses, enabling it to finetune molds on site.

That same year, Les Industries GLP starts producing small-volume parts in response to demand. As demand increases over the years, other presses are added.


Demand for plastic parts increases and the company continues growing, eventually coming to the realization it needs a second building. A new company is formed specializing in thermoplastic injection molding.


Mr. Gagné pursues his vision of offering customers comprehensive services. For this, he decides to bring the two companies together under the same roof adding an engineering department to further enhance the company’s services. The merged company is called GLP Hi-Tech.

The company invests heavily in modernizing its equipment and software. New employees are brought on board to help develop and manufacture thermoplastic products in leading edge sectors. This strategy pays off, with GLP Hi-Tech carving an enviable niche as a market leader.


The company develops an overmolding technique to produce overmolded thermoplastic products, and patents its unique knowledge.


With business in full swing, the company continues growing adding 13, 000 sq. ft. to its plant.


GLP Hi-Tech engineers work on developing a technology to manufacture injection molded part prototypes.


The new prototyping service is offered. There is an immediate positive response with a number of successive contracts, enabling GLP Hi-Tech to optimize its production process.


StepOne is founded specializing in the development and manufacture of injection-molded prototypes, that requires no investment in molds/tooling.