About Us

GLP Hi-Tech, partnering with you since 1976

Since its inception in 1976, GLP Hi-Tech has continued to position itself at the leading edge of the plastics industry. Although continually evolving, the company has not strayed from one of its primary objectives to provide comprehensive services under one roof. GLP Hi-Tech is one of the rare companies that has expertise in mold design and manufacturing as well as thermoplastic injection moulding techniques.

We have the knowledge and tools to help you every step of the way, from mold design to manufacturing, from injection molding to metrology.

In the past few decades, GLP Hi-Tech has had the privilege of working on innovative projects for world-renowned clients, and meeting their requirements for technical support. With its engineers’ and technicians’ invaluable knowledge, GLP Hi-Tech has delivered results consistently over and above industry standards.

Today, GLP Hi-Tech’s injection molded prototype division works under its own banner. StepOne was born out of the desire to provide molded prototypes made with real materials. A broad range of plastics is therefore available, close to 150 resins, thereby ensuring the prototypes are comparable with the final parts that you had imagined.

Thanks to GLP Hi-Tech, StepOne has considerable expertise in mold design and production, as well as thermoplastic injection molding. GLP provides StepOne with a multidisciplinary team of skilled engineers and technicians, who provide the necessary level of support and best possible results in producing molded prototypes.